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17th August 2022 
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"Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of conditions. It works with the structure and function of a body, based on the principle that the well-being of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues functioning smoothly together."
General Osteopathic Council (GOsC)

Osteopaths believe your structure must work well in order for your body to work well.

We use a variety of manipulation techniques, including joint adjustments and mobilisations, muscle stretching and soft tissue massage and myofascial release to increase your mobility, relieve muscle tension and improve blood and nerve supply to tissue.

Our aim is to enhance your body's own healing mechanism.


From the very young to the very old, pregnant women, sports players or those with work-related problems, osteopathy can help. Each person comes with his or her own set of needs and we strive to help.

"I had been struggling with back pain for some time and after increasing my exercise also started experiencing pain in my ankle. Emyr was recommended to me and he quickly established the cause of my discomfort. I always feel a huge improvement after each appointment and with regular treatments I am able to continue my day-to-day life pain-free. Emyr provided sound professional advice, along with exercises to help strengthen my affected areas, that enables me to remain active. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others."

Miss H. Baker


Problems with your back may not only produce pain in your back. They can often cause symptoms elsewhere, such as your legs, arms, groin, hips and buttocks. Problems in your spine or neck can lead to headaches, dizziness, jaw problems, pins and needles and many more.

Research has shown that 60% of us will be affected by such issues at some time.

An osteopath is skilled in diagnosing the nature of your problem and its underlying causes. We will refer you for further investigations if necessary or, if we can, begin your treatment and place you on the road to recovery.

NICE (The National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines recommend osteopathic manipulative therapies, acupuncture and/or a structured exercise programme to help low back pain. We offer all these therapies in conjunction with one another in a plan to suit your needs.


Osteopaths do not only specialise in back problems. Our success in treating back and neck pain has led to osteopathic treatment being synonymous with these issues. However, we treat the whole musculoskeletal system - our structure: bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. This means the conditions we treat are far too many to list - from pain in your jaw or a headache to big toe stiffness, from a frozen shoulder to knee pain. We aim to diagnose and treat not only the tissues causing you a problem, but the biomechanical chain which leads to strain on that area. From sports or dance injuries to repetitive strain injury, whether treating the mechanical changes women undergo during pregnancy or aiding recovery in a child with a growing frame, osteopathic principles still apply.

"I am a GB Masters track and field sprinter and am the reigning European 400m M60 age group champion. During the past 5 years I have experienced neck, back, knee and ankle injuries which Emyr has treated, enabling me to compete successfully. Emyr's friendly and professional approach, combining osteopathy with acupuncture and functional rehabilitation exercises, has definitely helped me return to my sport in better shape! I am a personal trainer and I have recommended many of my clients to him and will continue to do so. A visit to him will get you right back on track."

Mr G. Walcott
GB Masters track and field athlete
European 400m M60 age group champion.
Personal trainer.


Osteopathy treats the structure of our body to make it function more efficiently. This means that osteopaths are well-suited both to treating many common sports injuries and to improving sports performance.

Osteopaths will diagnose injured tissues and also identify the biomechanical causes of these injuries. We will try to identify any other factors that might predispose us to injury or slow its recovery.. These could be as diverse as technique, footwear, nutrition, training schedule or inadequate rest and recovery. We can also create a rehabilitation programme, appropriate to you and your sport.

"I have been receiving treatment from Emyr for a number of years. He never criticises what I've done or am about to do (long distance rowing), he just makes it all possible by his highly professional broad approach to solving the issues with my physical condition and injuries. We work together to enable me to return to full activity and to go on to achieve the levels of participation demanded by both my work (police officer) and sport - thank you!"

Mr. M. Knight.
Traditional Rower.
Holder of 5 long-distance rowing records.
Metropolitan Police Physical Training Instructor.


Did you know:

- shoulder injuries suffered during throwing sports may have a lack of hip flexibility as a root cause?
- recurrent hamstring injuries could be caused by poor spinal posture?
- we may suffer Achilles tendinopathy because of tension in any of our posterior chain muscles (calves, hamstrings, lower or upper back muscles)?

So, if you are looking to recover from a sports injury quickly, prevent recurrent injury or fine tune your performance, osteopathy may be able to help.


Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy is a wonderful, gentle way of helping the body to adapt to the changes that are taking place.

The safety of mother and baby is our first concern. After a thorough assessment, careful treatment may help to relieve some of the musculoskeletal symptoms associated with pregnancy. These may include low back pain, groin or pelvic pains, leg pain or wrist problems.

Osteopathy for pregnancy is not new. We have been helping new mothers through the rigours of pregnancy and childbirth for many years. Many women report feeling better-prepared to face labour after a course of osteopathic treatment.

A wide variety of gentle techniques are used to help a woman cope with the muscular and ligamentous strains placed on her body by its changing shape. These are supplemented by appropriate exercises and postural advice.

The first few months of motherhood can also be a physically challenging time. With a body still recovering from carrying a baby for 9 months, and all the physical demands of a newborn, many mothers find osteopathic treatment helps them to stay healthy.

" I decided to see Emyr during my 7th month of pregnancy as my hip and back pain was stopping my day to day activity. One of my friends gave me his name as she had had similar problems during her first pregnancy. As a working woman and mother of a toddler I did not want to take the chance of not being able to walk, so I decided to see the osteopath trusted by my friend. She was right! Now I look forward to my treatment which allows me to walk and sleep pain free for the rest of the week. With a twin pregnancy the treatment was invaluable and gave me a much needed break from my constant hip pain."

Sevil Crespo
Mother of one and expecting twins
Advertising Professional