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17th August 2022 
What to expect when you visit. page 3


On your first consultation, we will start by taking a thorough case history, finding out the reason for your visit and also taking a past medical history. Once we have all the information we need, we can begin an examination. We will observe your structure, watch you move and perform some orthopaedic and neurological tests. You may be asked to perform some specific exercises to observe your movement patterns as part of a thorough biomechanical assessment.

Palpation is an important part of osteopathic diagnosis. This is the use of touch for examination and assessment. Osteopaths use palpation to judge the amount and quality of joint movement and the condition and tone of soft tissues (ie. muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascias).

You will need to undress to allow us to see and test your structure. You may be asked to undress to your underwear so please ensure you wear appropriate clothing. If you feel more comfortable wearing shorts then please do so. We will provide towels to cover you when appropriate.

If you would prefer to remain clothed, please wear loose clothing that can be worked around. We wish to respect your modesty at all times but please bear in mind that in order to diagnose and treat you properly, observing your structure and posture is important.

Once a diagnosis is reached, treatment can be started. First we will explain our diagnosis and treatment plan. We will try to give you a prognosis and an estimate of the number of sessions we think are required. Then, with your permission, we will begin treatment.

Most patients will be treated on their first visit. If we cannot reach a diagnosis without further investigation, or we feel that a referral to another practitioner is necessary, we will arrange this.